cloud architect diploma program

The Cloud Architect Program prepares students to understand and implement Cloud Infrastructure in a professional IT environment. 

The goal of this program is to prepare students for entry-level employment in a Cloud Architect position. Graduates of the program earn a Diploma and will be prepared to sit for the AWS Cloud Architect Associate exam.

The Cloud Architect Program is delivered as an on-ground, classroom-based format and also in a synchronous, online format. Students choose their preferred format upon enrollment. In either delivery method, students have 28 weeks to complete this 350 clock-hour program, which is offered on a part-time basis on evenings and weekends.

Program Schedule: Monday,Wednesday,Friday 6:30-9:30 PM ET and Saturday 2-6 PM ET

Program Objectives: Upon completion, students will be able to:

   ● Identify computer components
   ● Use Linux shell command line
   ● Administer, monitor and troubleshoot Linux Systems
   ● Recommend best practices for building secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform
   ● Know architectural principles of building on the AWS Cloud
   ● Understand AWS global infrastructure
   ● Build virtual environment using virtualization platforms like VMware and KVM
   ● Read and write simple scripts in Bash Shell
   ● Create LAMP server using AWS Cloud technologies like EC2,S3, IAM, etc
   ● Implement automation using Terraform and Cloud Formation automation and configuration tool
   ● Build an entire environment for a fictitious small startup company as part of final project
   ● Sit for the AWS Cloud Architect Associate Exam


Block One: Linux Fundamentals

  1. Introduction to Linux

  2. Installing Linux

  3. First steps on the command line

  4. Shell expansion

  5. Pipes and commands

  6. VI editor   

  7. Scripting

  8. Local user management

Block Two: Systems Administration

  1. Process management

  2. Disk management  

  3. Boot  management

  4. System management

  5. Kernel management

  6. Backup management

  7. Remote Desktop Control

  8. Introduction to Networking

  9. Introduction to Virtualization

  10. Introduction to Windows

Block Three: AWS Cloud

  1. Cloud introduction 

  2. AWS Cost Management

  3. Compute (EC2, Auto Scaling,Lambda)

  4. Security IAM

  5. Network (VPC,CloudFront,Route 53, Elastick Load Balancer)

  6. Storage (EBS,EFS,S3)

  7. Databases (DynamoDB,Aurora,RDS,Neptune)

  8. Elastic Beanstalk

  9. Containers (ECS,EKS)

  10. IAC (CloudFormation,Terraform)

  11. Management (CloudWatch,Cloudtrail)

  12. Analytics (EMR,Kinesis)

  13. App Integration (SNS,SQS,Amazon MQ)

  14. SWF

  15. API Gateway

  16. AWS Cloud Architect Associate Exam

learning portal

Books? No, you do NOT need to buy any books, we will provide you with all necessary learning materials through our learning portal.

  • You will have an opportunity to 24/7 access to our portal to read materials, to do quizzes and tests

  • All classes are recorded and posted on portal right after the class, so you can watch video as many time as you need 

Graduation requirements

In order to successfully graduate and earn free industry certification AWS Solutions Architect Associate you should satisfy the following requirements:

  • 80% class attendance,

  • Your final grade should be at least 70% (C-grade) on all assignments,

  • Finish all homework, quizzes, presentations and all tasks,

  • Finish final case-based project ,


payment options

OPTION 1: payment plan


OPTION 2: pay in full

Get $500 off if you pay in full. You will have 1 month to decide to go with this option

OPTION 3: financing

You can pay as little as $100 if you get financing through third party companies

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