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IT Training & Education

  • Materials: Materials will remain in your portal for one year post-graduation.

7-Months IT Career Building Program

  • Career-Ready: Graduate and be ready entry-to-mid level System Engineer position.
  • Career Service: Employment assistance post-graduation plus resume building & interview preparation.
  • Diploma: Earn a diploma from Ziyotek Institute of Technology for your hard work.

  Ziyotek Institute of Technology            

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Video Introduction

Watch a quick video introduction about Ziyotek Institute's 3 programs:


Ziyotek Institute has three programs for student's to choose from:

  • Cloud Architect program

  • System Engineer program

  • DevOps Engineer program


All three programs will train and educate you on the skills necessary to work in the specified IT fields - without having any experience.


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Upcoming Program:

System Engineer Program

Program Start Date:

July 6, 2023

Online Classes:

12 Hours Per Week

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Ziyotek Institute of Technology

Ziyotek Institute of Technology is an AWS Academy member institution and certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia that offers in-depth Linux, DevOps, and Cloud Architect real-world career based training. Our student centric approach gives you hands-on IT experience in online & on-site classroom setting.

Ziyotek Institute gives students, who do not have a tech or IT background the chance to earn in-demand IT skills through our 7-month training & education program.


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