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Declare Your Independence

Happy Fourth of July! This is definitely not like the summer holiday weekend of the past. Many things are in flux regarding the economy, civil rights, and how we treat each other. However this day is a celebration of people fighting and ultimately winning. In this case it was the birth of a nation, not a perfect one by any stretch of the imagination, but a place that we call home either by birth or by immigration.

So I encourage you to take a moment today to pray. Pray for this country; its’ people and its’ leaders. Regardless of your race, religion, or any other difference, if you are in the USA right now, you can effect positive change on your environment by changing your attitude and mindset.

This is a country of immigrants, WE are a country of immigrants. This fact cannot be denied, altered, or changed. Regardless of how our families arrived here, we are here. It is now up to us to forge a better life for ourselves.

There is a reason why people will risk their lives to come here. Why is that? I have travelled to almost 25 countries and have met people from so many diverse backgrounds. I can tell you that the USA is by no means perfect, but it is unique. You are not limited by your family background or name. The only limitation is the one you place on yourself. There are millions of stories of women and men, young and old, black and white and all colors in-between who came here and became successful. No two stories are alike, but they all happened. Maybe you already know these stories. Is it the story of your grandmother, your grandfather, your mom or dad, or is it your own personal story? This country affords opportunities that cannot be had in other places. Yes, as a nation and people we have a long way to go, but just look how far we have come!

Decide that you want to be a part of the solution not the problem. This all begins with a decision.

I encourage to declare your independence from:

Negativity Passivity Procrastination Blame

Guilt Shame Anxiety Fear

These are dream-killers, vision-thieves, and energy drains every single one.

In the midst of turmoil, there is always opportunity for those who are bold enough to seize it. This period in history is no exception. The President has signed proclamation 10014 which effectively halts H1B visas indefinitely. This is a HUGE opportunity for anyone currently in the country with the legal right to work. From our perspective here at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology it is a gamechanger. It means that our graduates will have less competition for lucrative positions, positions coming in at 125k+ plus 1st year. But guess what, you have to show up to win, sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching won’t cut it.

We currently offer comprehensive 7 month programs in two high demand fields: Cloud Architect and DevOps Linux. Many of the individuals who work in these fields are going to be temporarily inaccessible due to Proclamation 10014. To read the official signed proclamation from the White House click here:

We have a proven system of success and hope that you will join us. Reach out to us and we can discuss your circumstances with you.

Stay safe and stay strong in your mind, body, and spirit.

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