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How to Navigate Our Changed World and Thrive (Not just Survive)

Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes - Hugh Prather

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly situation report, released last Friday May 8, unemployment is at an all-time high of 14.7% for April 2020. To make that percentage human, here’s the reality – over 23 million Americans are currently out of a job.

The significant increase in unemployment rates is both terrifying and unbelievable. No one thought as the ball dropped on 2020 that we would face this level of unemployment. It is due to a small virus with devastating power to literally bring the commerce of the planet to a complete stop in just a few short weeks.

So, we find ourselves navigating new terrain as a nation, a family, and as individuals. As we shelter-at-home and become our children’s teachers nearly every person is thinking about a new game plan to make it through. Our “old ways” of thinking and acting are gone; This is new, uncharted territory with a biological enemy just outside the door.

In the middle of this pandemic, one sector of the economy that has flourished is technology. Information Technology (IT), to be exact. IT has become the lifeline to all of us.

We have all gone online and virtual for many of our “real-world” daily activities.

Our kid’s teachers are on the ZOOM meeting app. We are logging in to a web-based database to take calls from clients in a virtual call center. We are watching our nephew blow out his candle on his 1st birthday cake from Facebook Portal. We are wishing our mom Happy Mother’s Day this year from a screen. We may not be physically there, but our love and bond cannot be stopped by the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic. Our bonds and emotions are being digitized and sent across the distance well over 6 feet by IT.

There is an old saying, “Only the strong survive”. Maybe in the past that was the case.

In this world during and post COVID 19, the ones who adapt will not only survive – they will blossom in the months and years to come in their careers. Why? Because you cannot un-spill the milk. Now that the world has been forced to use IT for any and every real-world purpose, the demand for qualified, certified IT professionals will sky-rocket. Those who are willing to learn a new skill set, step out of their comfort zone, be taught by mentors and educators who are not only technically savvy but care about creating strength and opportunity for others, these people will be highly sought after and rightly compensated.

To truly navigate this new terrain, we are all going to need help. And we’re your help!

Contact ZiyoTek Institute by visiting our website at and look around. If you have unanswered questions, want to know more, or just want to talk to us, schedule a free twenty minute live 1-on-1 phone call (yeah we still can do it old school) or video-chat and we’ll be there.

Stay safe and we will make it out of this. And we will be stronger because we stuck together.

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