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What's the Real Story on Job Guarantees?

In theory the idea of a job guarantee sounds perfect. What’s not to love? The thought of knowing once you have studied hard and passed all certification exams a job is waiting for you; well that’s the best thing ever! Unfortunately, out here in the real world where we all live and work, no such legitimate arrangement like this exists. The key word here being legitimate.

Let’s examine how landing a position works and why any learning institution guaranteeing a position needs to be scrutinized long and hard.

How getting a position in IT works today. In order to secure a lucrative position, the first thing that must be recognized is how the system for employment works.

A potential employer is looking for the best candidate for that particular job description. So this means a potential employee must compete for the position. A job guarantee does not fit into this scenario. The main reason is because a learning institution is not the employer. An employer is going to choose from the available market the best candidate for the open position. That selection process is based on education, skill-set, certifications, personality, and income requirements.

As a job-seeker the idea of being “guaranteed” sounds good but the reality may be quite different. In a free market economy, your pay depends on what you can negotiate. Does a “job guarantee” also include a “salary guarantee”? This is completely unheard of. The best option for a job seeker is to negotiate the position and accompanying benefits including pay based on their talent and skill. The idea of having another individual or entity negotiate your position and salary will not benefit the worker the most. No one can speak and negotiate for you, like you.

In my experience, a “job guarantee” is a thinly veiled disguise to dupe unsuspecting students not to examine the curriculum and certifications of a learning institution.

The best thing for a potential student to do is to examine the curriculum and certifications of any learning institution and be certain they are certified, offer assistance in finding a position, and provide continued support.

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