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Who is increasing their income during the pandemic? How can it be you?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has indeed impacted most people, whether by causing a business closure, job loss, reduced hours, and reduced finances. Nearly a third of Americans have been affected directly, with those in tourism, hospitality, and food service being the worst hit. Some people's accounts have seen steady drops within a very short time, and a significant number of people face lay-offs and job uncertainty. As small and medium businesses are closing their doors, many are left wondering, "How do I make money during this pandemic?"

As COVID-19 continues to march around the world, one thing is sure- there are people and businesses out there who are making tons of money. While others are struggling with job uncertainty and unable to figure out ways to make extra cash during these difficult times, people with specialized skills are smiling all the way to the bank. Not that these people did something extraordinary to become irreplaceable and secure their finances—they simply increased their skill sets . Today, every employer wants to hire a resourceful person with a range unique skill sets. As companies scale down and lay-off employees in the wake of the novel virus, it’s only those with specialized skills that are retained. The more specialized your skill set, the harder it becomes to replace you. Besides, increasing your skill set is a guaranteed way to increase your earning potential. So, it’s about time you step up and invest in skill development to secure your financial future. Do not wait, the time to act is now. The current situation caught many by surprise, and it is by no means resolved.

The corona crisis is still here with us and may not go away any time soon since there’s no approved vaccine yet. When you’re equipped with a specialized skill, it will be easy to find a side project to do even as companies continue to lay-off workers.

One of the lucrative fields to consider getting training in is IT. Right now, IT professionals are thriving because their skills are harder to replace. As more employees are working from home and businesses are going to digital workspace, the demand for IT professionals has never been greater. The infrastructure and systems that make telecommuting possible must be created, maintained, and secured by trained, knowledgeable professionals. Even before the entry of the novel virus, the demand for IT specialists was already soaring, with an increasing number of businesses incorporating digital technologies in their business structure as the norm.

In fact, the IT industry is among the least affected industries during this pandemic. Any IT professional is making money out there as workers in other industries are losing their jobs. Why not take that inspiration and take your first step towards becoming one of those in-demand professionals? It's simple. Just enroll for an IT program at the ZiyoTek Institute of Technology. We are a reputable IT training institute offering in-demand IT programs, including Cloud Architect and LINUX/DevOps. We are renowned for offering training in a real work environment, providing career support, and a unique learning portal and live instruction.

Start increasing your income during this pandemic by enrolling in our IT programs today. Visit our website to learn more about our courses.

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Stay safe and be well

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