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The Feds Are Doing It, So Why Can't We?

On June 26, 2020 the President signed an executive order that radically changed federal policy regarding hiring criteria within the federal human resources system. The order will revolutionize how the largest employer in America hires. The federal government of the United States is the nation’s biggest employer with 2.1 million workers. To put that in perspective Walmart employs 1.5 million people in the USA and Amazon employs around 798,000. For decades, there has been a barrier to entry for federal service - a college degree. The order signed by POTUS eliminates that hurdle. Now Americans can use work experience as proof they can perform the job and the marketplace of job candidates for Federal placements just tripled. Many people are very attracted to a federal position. It is stable, secure, and has excellent retirement and benefits. However, prior to June 26th, if a person did not have a college diploma, they were immediately excluded from a real shot at a lucrative, federal career. Considering two-thirds of Americans do not hold this coveted degree, the largest employer in America was inaccessible to the majority of Americans. With the signing of the executive order, the federal government is leading by example. This is a wonderful step! Now persons with a non-degree diploma, vocational training, certificates, and/or job experience in a field can now apply and hopefully be hired. This helps diversify the experience, job skills, age, and education levels of federal works. This may herald a new age for the “non-degreed” worker. By the Feds stepping it up and leading the way, big business is sure to follow. This is huge for new professionals in all careers but especially IT. As many of you already know, a college degree in IT is outdated the moment it is received. The IT industry especially DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture, IoT, and all other branches related to connectivity via the Internet are moving incredibly fast. What is learned in one year has been updated sometimes 2-6 times by the same time the next year. So you can imagine how much has changed in the four/five years it takes someone to earn a university degree. A college degree is definitely a good thing to have. I am not saying it isn’t. However, For many Americans going to sit in a classroom for 4-5 years and amassing 50k+ in debt is not an option. There are many who have worked hard for several years in a field and learned the field, its changes and challenges, and have received accolades and praise for their work. These individuals now have a way to access a wonderful employer. As a non-degree technical school, Ziyotek Institute of Technology provides certification diplomas for both DevOps Linux and AWS CLoud Architect. These prepare individuals to excel in the IT field and secure a position over 100K+ in about 7 months. Don’t be left behind, now is the time to improve your skill set and secure your future. Contact us to discuss your personal situation and how we can help. Check out our website, call us at 202-221-8221, or reach out to us on social media. Stay strong and stay safe!

Declare Your Independence

Happy Fourth of July! This is definitely not like the summer holiday weekend of the past. Many things are in flux regarding the economy, civil rights, and how we treat each other. However this day is a celebration of people fighting and ultimately winning. In this case it was the birth of a nation, not a perfect one by any stretch of the imagination, but a place that we call home either by birth or by immigration. So I encourage you to take a moment today to pray. Pray for this country; its’ people and its’ leaders. Regardless of your race, religion, or any other difference, if you are in the USA right now, you can effect positive change on your environment by changing your attitude and mindset. This is a country of immigrants, WE are a country of immigrants. This fact cannot be denied, altered, or changed. Regardless of how our families arrived here, we are here. It is now up to us to forge a better life for ourselves. There is a reason why people will risk their lives to come here. Why is that? I have travelled to almost 25 countries and have met people from so many diverse backgrounds. I can tell you that the USA is by no means perfect, but it is unique. You are not limited by your family background or name. The only limitation is the one you place on yourself. There are millions of stories of women and men, young and old, black and white and all colors in-between who came here and became successful. No two stories are alike, but they all happened. Maybe you already know these stories. Is it the story of your grandmother, your grandfather, your mom or dad, or is it your own personal story? This country affords opportunities that cannot be had in other places. Yes, as a nation and people we have a long way to go, but just look how far we have come! Decide that you want to be a part of the solution not the problem. This all begins with a decision. I encourage to declare your independence from: Negativity Passivity Procrastination Blame Guilt Shame Anxiety Fear These are dream-killers, vision-thieves, and energy drains every single one. In the midst of turmoil, there is always opportunity for those who are bold enough to seize it. This period in history is no exception. The President has signed proclamation 10014 which effectively halts H1B visas indefinitely. This is a HUGE opportunity for anyone currently in the country with the legal right to work. From our perspective here at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology it is a gamechanger. It means that our graduates will have less competition for lucrative positions, positions coming in at 125k+ plus 1st year. But guess what, you have to show up to win, sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching won’t cut it. We currently offer comprehensive 7 month programs in two high demand fields: Cloud Architect and DevOps Linux. Many of the individuals who work in these fields are going to be temporarily inaccessible due to Proclamation 10014. To read the official signed proclamation from the White House click here: Official Proclamation 10014 We have a proven system of success and hope that you will join us. Reach out to us and we can discuss your circumstances with you. Stay safe and stay strong in your mind, body, and spirit.

What's the Real Story on Job Guarantees?

In theory the idea of a job guarantee sounds perfect. What’s not to love? The thought of knowing once you have studied hard and passed all certification exams a job is waiting for you; well that’s the best thing ever! Unfortunately, out here in the real world where we all live and work, no such legitimate arrangement like this exists. The key word here being legitimate. Let’s examine how landing a position works and why any learning institution guaranteeing a position needs to be scrutinized long and hard. How getting a position in IT works today. In order to secure a lucrative position, the first thing that must be recognized is how the system for employment works. A potential employer is looking for the best candidate for that particular job description. So this means a potential employee must compete for the position. A job guarantee does not fit into this scenario. The main reason is because a learning institution is not the employer. An employer is going to choose from the available market the best candidate for the open position. That selection process is based on education, skill-set, certifications, personality, and income requirements. As a job-seeker the idea of being “guaranteed” sounds good but the reality may be quite different. In a free market economy, your pay depends on what you can negotiate. Does a “job guarantee” also include a “salary guarantee”? This is completely unheard of. The best option for a job seeker is to negotiate the position and accompanying benefits including pay based on their talent and skill. The idea of having another individual or entity negotiate your position and salary will not benefit the worker the most. No one can speak and negotiate for you, like you. In my experience, a “job guarantee” is a thinly veiled disguise to dupe unsuspecting students not to examine the curriculum and certifications of a learning institution. The best thing for a potential student to do is to examine the curriculum and certifications of any learning institution and be certain they are certified, offer assistance in finding a position, and provide continued support. Consider learning a new skill by enrolling for an IT program at the Ziyo Tek Institute of Technology. We are a certified IT training institute that offers IT programs for people who want to expand their skill set. Cloud Architect training begins July 1, 2020 and DevOps/Linux training begins OCtober 1, 2020. Call us at (202) 630 0504 or email us at Be strong and stay safe

Now is the time to change careers to IT

There are many reasons why you might decide to change careers. Maybe you aren't satisfied with your current job, or you want to take up a better paying career, or you simply want to try something new. All these are valid reasons why changing careers can be a necessary step in someone's life. If you're thinking of changing careers, you are not alone. Nearly half of working Americans change careers two to seven times during their working life. So you don't have to get anxious about your decision—it is perfectly normal. While most people considering a career change do so with uncertainty, trying something new can open up new challenges and set you on your path to success. You may think that it’s too late to make a career change maybe because of your age or the level at which you are in your current career, but going after what you want will give you the satisfaction that you deserve. If you have set out to change careers, you need the develop a positive mindset and start right away. Do not wait for tomorrow as more opportunities pass you by. Do it today! Most people thinking of changing careers actually haven’t made up their mind on the profession to pursue. If you’re one of those people who haven’t picked a specific profession to change to or you want to venture into a lucrative field and become an in-demand professional, you might consider changing careers to IT. This is one of the most rewarding professions at the moment, especially with the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A qualified IT specialist can earn up to $152,000 1st year salary, not to mention the fact that it's nearly impossible to be declared redundant in an economy that has gone digital. As the world continues to battle the novel coronavirus, the way we work has changed. Companies are encouraging their workers to work from home, and an increasing number of businesses are embracing digital technologies to increase their reach during this lockdown period. All these new developments require the expertise of IT specialists. It is estimated that thousands of new jobs will be created in the IT industry in the next 7-12 months. As the demand for IT services increases, we anticipate a biting shortage of IT experts in the next few months. This explains why anyone thinking of taking up a career in IT is on the right path. Not only will you increase your earning potential tremendously, but you'll also be guaranteed job security even as COVID-19 continue to prompt massive lay-offs. It's time to rise to the occasion and enroll for an IT program and be on your way to earning that six-figure income you desire. ZiyoTek Institute of Technology makes it easy for you to achieve your dream of becoming an IT professional. We two in-demand IT programs, Cloud Architect and LINUX DevOps. Our classes begin on July 1 for AWS Cloud Architect (AWS Solutions Architect Assoc certification) and Oct1 1 for DevOps (RHCSA RedHat Certified Systems Administrator) You can visit our website today to apply or call us at (202) 630 0504 or email us at

Get Ready, Set, Go to Make 120K

Here's the question: Are you ready to make 120K or more? What's your roadmap to get there? Making 120k+ is an income milestone many Americans wish to achieve. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, almost twenty percent (19.4%) of Americans earn greater than 100,000 annually. The largest portion of this (14.9%) earn between $100K-149K annually. Earning such an amount will not only give you the much coveted financial wiggle-room, but it will also enable you to save for big purchases and improve your lifestyle for yourself and your family dramatically. While most people desire to make a six-figure income, very few people actually achieve the dream. It is easy to lose track when you don’t understand what it takes to achieve this goal. So if you’re wondering how you can make 120k+, you’re at the right place. The first step toward making the six-figure income you’ve always desired is to develop the right mindset. So what does the mindset of a 6-figure earner look like? Curious Curiosity is an important trait you must possess if you want to earn a six-figure income. Learn to ask questions about how things work, be ready to learn from others, and look for better ways to improve your productivity. Always be active and have the willpower to know more. Inquisitive Inquisitiveness is an important ingredient in the process of making a six-figure income. Having an inquisitive mind will make you more innovative and improve your problem-solving ability. Thinking out of the box Anyone who wants to make a six-figure income must think out of the box and make a way even when there seems not to be one. Thinking within the box is an easy way to stagnate around the same point. Therefore, you must become a better thinker, come up with practical strategies to increase your income. Innovator Innovation will give you an edge over your competition in today’s competitive business landscape and open ways for bigger opportunities. Confident Confidence is an indispensable trait for anyone who wants to make 120k+. There are many obstacles in business, and without confidence, it's easy to succumb to fear. The following are some of the traits that work against making 120k+: Blaming others – Blaming others reduces your learning ability. Therefore, it’s always a good thing to own up to your mistakes and make room for learning. Waiting for someone else – Ambitious people set out to achieve their goals without waiting on someone else to lead them or walk together with them. Waiting for someone else leads to missed opportunities. Passivity – Passive people do not take action to get what they want but instead, let things go their own way. This is a recipe for failure in business. Waste time – Spending time on things that don’t bring any value. Living in the past –Living in the past makes one miss out on new opportunities. It can't be changed so why keep going over it? Most importantly, if you want to make a six-figure income, you'll need to do a serious self-assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you develop a roadmap that will lead to your success. If you want to earn 120k+, consider learning a new skill by enrolling for an IT program at the Ziyo Tek Institute of Technology. The IT field specifically DevOps and Cloud Architecture are two career paths that begin (yes begin) at 100k+. We are a certified IT training institute that offers IT programs for people who want to expand their skill set. Call us at (202) 630 0504 or email us at Be strong and stay safe

Who is increasing their income during the pandemic? How can it be you?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has indeed impacted most people, whether by causing a business closure, job loss, reduced hours, and reduced finances. Nearly a third of Americans have been affected directly, with those in tourism, hospitality, and food service being the worst hit. Some people's accounts have seen steady drops within a very short time, and a significant number of people face lay-offs and job uncertainty. As small and medium businesses are closing their doors, many are left wondering, "How do I make money during this pandemic?" As COVID-19 continues to march around the world, one thing is sure- there are people and businesses out there who are making tons of money. While others are struggling with job uncertainty and unable to figure out ways to make extra cash during these difficult times, people with specialized skills are smiling all the way to the bank. Not that these people did something extraordinary to become irreplaceable and secure their finances—they simply increased their skill sets . Today, every employer wants to hire a resourceful person with a range unique skill sets. As companies scale down and lay-off employees in the wake of the novel virus, it’s only those with specialized skills that are retained. The more specialized your skill set, the harder it becomes to replace you. Besides, increasing your skill set is a guaranteed way to increase your earning potential. So, it’s about time you step up and invest in skill development to secure your financial future. Do not wait, the time to act is now. The current situation caught many by surprise, and it is by no means resolved. The corona crisis is still here with us and may not go away any time soon since there’s no approved vaccine yet. When you’re equipped with a specialized skill, it will be easy to find a side project to do even as companies continue to lay-off workers. One of the lucrative fields to consider getting training in is IT. Right now, IT professionals are thriving because their skills are harder to replace. As more employees are working from home and businesses are going to digital workspace, the demand for IT professionals has never been greater. The infrastructure and systems that make telecommuting possible must be created, maintained, and secured by trained, knowledgeable professionals. Even before the entry of the novel virus, the demand for IT specialists was already soaring, with an increasing number of businesses incorporating digital technologies in their business structure as the norm. In fact, the IT industry is among the least affected industries during this pandemic. Any IT professional is making money out there as workers in other industries are losing their jobs. Why not take that inspiration and take your first step towards becoming one of those in-demand professionals? It's simple. Just enroll for an IT program at the ZiyoTek Institute of Technology. We are a reputable IT training institute offering in-demand IT programs, including Cloud Architect and LINUX/DevOps. We are renowned for offering training in a real work environment, providing career support, and a unique learning portal and live instruction. Start increasing your income during this pandemic by enrolling in our IT programs today. Visit our website to learn more about our courses. Call us at (202) 630 0504 or email us at Stay safe and be well

Overwhelmed by IT? How to start for free

Changing careers is a common thing in the U.S. It is estimated that the average American changes careers two to seven times in their lifetime. So if you’re thinking about changing your career, you’re not alone. Today, nearly every person wants to achieve job satisfaction and be happy at their work. Making a career change paves ways for more opportunities, more challenges, and gives room for career growth. So if you feel the itch to switch careers, go ahead and make it happen. In fact, it could revolutionize your life and take you to a new level of success. A good number of people changing careers consider getting training in IT. However, quite a few of them end up choosing a different field simply because they feel overwhelmed. The truth is, changing a career to IT can be overwhelming and daunting when you’re getting started. Learning IT programs and culture is a huge task that requires a lot of guidance, dedication, and willpower. The best approach for learning IT is to start with identifying what sector of IT you want to be involved in. Learn Cloud Architecture and LINUX Our recommendation is to take up the Cloud Architect Program, which prepares you to implement cloud infrastructure. Given the current health situation worldwide the Internet and cloud computing will become more and more in demand as remote work environments become increasingly prevalent. A professional with an AWS Solutions Architect Certification and skill at the engineer level with Linux, Windows Virtualization network, and automation with DevOps can earn upwards of $116,000+ as a 1st year salary. Therefore, learning Cloud Architecture is a practical way to enhance your earning potential fast. To take the right trajectory in IT programs, you must have the right foundation. It is advisable to understand LINUX before proceeding to other operating systems and modalities. LINUX (as a variety of distributions) is the leading operating system used in government, medical and private sectors due to its advanced security and lower cost. Ways to get started There are many ways you can set the foundation for IT training. The best way to start without spending a dime is by utilizing the many YouTube channels that offer basic training to familiarize yourself with the Linux operating system and cloud infrastructure. Another path to success as a beginner in IT is using free webinars online to learn the fundamentals needed. It’s also a good idea to network with other people with an interest in learning IT programs to stay motivated. Most importantly, you’ll need to have a positive mindset, refuse to give up, and a commitment to follow-through. Once you’ve set the foundation, the next move is to invest in a paid course offered by an accredited institution. Keep in mind that a bootcamp is not recommended for beginners. So you’ll have to enroll for a 6-month to 1 year paid course to fully learn the concepts and get appropriate practice and certifications. At ZiyoTek Institute of Technology, we offer you the opportunity to enroll in IT courses in a real-time environment. We are certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Therefore, we are a trusted IT training institution. Visit our website to apply or give us a call as (202) 630 0504. Be well and stay safe

Who is working during Corona and why?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has spread to over 188 countries has impacted businesses around the globe. The world is responding speedily to stop the spread of the novel virus, and by default massively disrupting the economy in the process. Millions of people have filed for unemployment, businesses have come to a standstill, and supply chains have been disrupted. Tourism, food service, and hospitality are some of the most affected industries as the ongoing impact of COVID-19 continues to manifest. Despite the efforts being made by governments, businesses, and individuals to ease the situation, the novel virus is still affecting many industries. With almost all countries closing their borders to curb the spread of coronavirus, tourism has literally come to a standstill in all parts of the world. This is putting close to 50 million jobs in the global travel and tourism sector on the line. The food service industry has come to a halt as most people are staying indoors, and food delivery services have temporarily halted all dine in services. Right now, restaurants are going down the drain due to reduced demand and staffing shortages. In fact, the food service industry accounts for more than half of the jobs lost in the U.S. since coronavirus was declared a pandemic. The hospitality industry has been hard-hit with massive closures in nearly every sector. Even as the economy continues to take a beating from the impact of COVID-19, some industries like IT and medical haven't been impacted like tourism, food service, and hospitality. This pandemic has prompted organizations to embrace the work from home structure, which heavily relies on IT systems. Therefore, the demand for IT systems and experts is only getting bigger and bigger as more people work remotely. This simply explains why the IT industry is among the least affected industries by the COVID-19 pandemic. The medical industry is also not affected for the reason that more COVID-19 cases are being registered every day. Since the respiratory virus has been established to spread through respiratory secretions, medics are at risk of inhaling the virus during medical procedures. So medical personnel have been advised to wear protective gear to avoid contracting the virus. There is no increased risk to IT professionals. During these extraordinary times, it is IT and more specifically IoT that keeps us connected and helps us work from home. That is why learning IT skills is the best way to emergency-proof your income. The demand for IT services will only increase as more and more businesses are going digital due to COVID-19. It is evident that automation is replacing the jobs that were once done by humans. Therefore, it's time you considered learning Cloud, DevOps, and other IT skills to stay ahead of the pack. If you want to learn Cloud, DevOps, LINUX, or any other IT skill, look no further than ZiyoTek Institute of Technology. We offer a range of IT programs for persons who want to make a career in IT. Our training is hands-on and based on a real-time environment. Call us at (202) 630 0504 or email us at

When Is the Best Time to Make a Career Change?

An estimated 50 percent of U.S. workers today aren’t happy in their jobs, with a considerable number of them considering making a career change. While changing careers comes with some uncertainty, holding on to a career in which you’re unsatisfied can limit your progress in life. Moreover, research has shown that being in the wrong career can cause long-term stress and hamper your health in the long run. Most people shy away from making a career change as they wrongfully believe that it will take too long before they adjust and for fear of missing out on certain opportunities in their current career. The truth is, making a career change is not unattainable as the world may want to make you believe. It’s possible to change careers regardless of where you are in your current career or your age. All you need is the right mindset and the willpower to go after what you want. There’s no such thing as the “perfect time” to make a career change. If this is something you’ve been considering, the right time is NOW. Right now, the world has tremendously changed, particularly with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are facing at the moment. How we did things in the past is gone, and we expect more changes going into the future. More and more people are working remotely in line with social distancing regulations. Consequently, businesses are realizing that they cannot rely fully on physical locations to generate profit. For that reason, it’s expected that in the next 7-12 months, new jobs will be created in DevOps and Cloud Architecture in response to the increased demand for trained IT professionals. In fact, there’s already a shortage of trained IT professionals in the U.S., and with the POTUS limiting immigration, we could be staring at a possible emergency in the near future. This presents a perfect opportunity for anyone who has been thinking about changing careers. It’s time to rise above your fears and act in a deliberate and purposeful manner. Be ready to ride that wave and maximize it to your benefit. At ZiyoTek Institute of Technology, we’re here to help you make this dream a reality by offering in-demand IT programs, including hardware, network, virtualization, Cloud Architect, DevOps, LINUX OS and applications. We offer online and campus classes, career support, real work environment, a unique learning portal and FREE RHCSA, AWS exams. Whether you’re looking to switch to an IT career or want to advance your skills in IT, do not let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers. Reach out to ZiyoTek Institute of Technology to make a game plan. You can visit our website today to apply or call us at (202) 630 0504 or email us at We are located at 8230 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 300, Vienna, VA, 22182. Classes begin July 1 for AWS Cloud Architect (AWS Solutions Architect Assoc certification) and October 1 for DevOps (RHCSA RedHat Certified Systems Administrator certification)

Using Your Corona Cash

So there is no question this is a strange, unprecedented time in our history. We are still facing many challenges getting back to anything close to normal after COVID19. This week alone we know that hundreds of clinical trials worldwide are underway to find a vaccine. There are also dozens of clinical trials coming online from now into the late summer to test if any antiviral medications can help curb the harshest, life-threatening symptoms of the disease. Admittedly, the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic will impact our lives in a major way for quite some time. The unemployment numbers are still at an all-time high; even as some states begin to slowly open up businesses and require 25% or less capacity to maintain public health social distancing guidelines. More Americans than ever are receiving unemployment benefits because they cannot return to work. The coronavirus relief package, which is now law, broadens unemployment insurance for people without jobs during the pandemic. Note: Please check with your state unemployment office for state-specific information. In most states, unemployment is scheduled for 26 weeks and then stops. Under the bill an additional 13 weeks were added and possibly an additional 13-20 weeks under an “extended benefit” program. We are all aware of the one-time cash stimulus that also went out starting late April. Although coronavirus has negatively impacted all of us, there is a way to make the best of the situation. This is a unique time in history. This crisis has taught the entire world a lesson about who we are as humans. Hopefully it has also high-lighted the fact that many of us need to “emergency-proof” our livelihood. Our old way of thinking and acting may be obsolete. Now may seem like a horrible time to do this, but it actually depends on perspective and mind-set. For many, there is never a perfect time to make a change. There is, and will always be, reasons to wait, just as many as there are to move forward. Mindset determines direction. Right now there is a subsidy coming to many from unemployment, it is an additional $600 per week in addition to the individual state unemployment amount. In many cases, this exceeds the income a person was making while fully employed. Essentially, there are 40 hours a week that are available to be used. The paycheck has been covered, but what about the time? There are so many ways to use our time. Of course, social media is at an all-time high. However, what about long-term beneficial uses of time and some of the additional financial resources mandated by law? Workers in some of the hardest hit industries such as hospitality, travel, tourism, retail (non-essential), and food service have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to switch careers without juggling working full-time and pursuing learning. Of course, there are bills to be paid. The coronavirus didn’t stop that. However, maybe it is time to turn this situation into an opportunity for growth and change. Maybe it is time to leverage some aspects of the slowing-down of our lifestyles to your advantage. If you have thought about changing careers to IT, now is the time to take that leap of faith. There is an enormous push for Cloud, DevOps, and Linux based professionals and it is growing because of COVID-19. Do not let this chance pass you by. Reach out to us here at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology, via email or schedule a time to talk to us at no charge. Let’s make a plan together. This is your time to leverage the two things that hold most people back: time and finances. We are here to help! Stay strong and stay safe.

3 Things You Can Do Today to Start a Career in IT

Another week has begun and as always it brings new possibilities. Very often on Monday mornings, there are thoughts of the future. Decisions are made to take action to ensure a better week. Many times, this includes momentum on how to start over on a task or desire, or what steps are needed to make the week more productive and better than the previous one. We are all familiar with the technique of writing our goals and desires down on paper as a concrete way to focus on goals that are not a current reality. So be encouraged this Monday to take a few beginning steps and write down what the plan is to begin your path into the lucrative, ever-changing world of IT. Making a career move can be extremely overwhelming. It can trigger feelings of anxiety, helplessness, frustration, and inadequacy. However, these feelings are just that -- emotions. The reality is any new endeavor often has some mix of these emotions. It is normal and natural to feel this way. The key is to move into an action state and out of a thinking state. Here are three no-cost moves that you can make today to start yourself on the road to an IT career. Move #1 – Decide that IT is the direction you want to pursue. Many times, our greatest frustrations come from the fact that we are undecided. The shifting back and forth between yes and no; no and maybe, and yes and maybe can be catastrophic to a career move. I have seen many talent persons stuck in this state for months, even years! With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still very much active, a definitive mindset will be a powerful ally against apathy. Write down all the positives about this career field for you. Then write down anything you may perceive as negative. Ask yourself are the negatives “real” or are they just a smokescreen because you haven’t truly said “yes” yet. It is important to prove to yourself that this is what you want 100%. Move #2 – Learn. The IT field is one of the few professions in the world where you can start at no cost. What I mean by this is you can sample the industry without a monetary risk, there is always a time exchange for anything you endeavor to do, with IT being no exception. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of beginning videos for IT. Specifically base operation environments like Linux, which is the most widely used platform in history. Linux (including all its distributions or types) are very well represented online. Taking a small amount of time to view these quick videos can help introduce you to the verbiage, configuration, components, and roles. As someone with little or no IT experience this will help dispel the negative emotions and feelings of being overwhelmed that many non-technical persons feel when they start a paid class or course in the subject matter. This is also an excellent way to gauge your true interest and discipline without putting up money upfront. Commit yourself to viewing a video or two everyday relating to the field. Note: Eventually a paid course is necessary. It is almost impossible to know how to pursue a specific career path such as DevOps or Cloud Architecture without an accredited, structured course. These are offered here at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology. Move #3 – Network. Right now, because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic many professional organizations are offering free access to virtual events, classes, groups, and networking sessions. Take advantage of this. Join IT organizations in your local area or online and begin to mingle and connect with others. This is a great asset that is severely under-utilized. Attend one network event a week minimum. Lastly, reach out to us here at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology as your time and situation allows you to. We are here to discuss your options and how we can assist you to become a much-needed IT professional. Take care and stay safe

Corona Proof Your Income Starting Now

Here in the USA and worldwide people are concerned about protecting themselves and their families from job layoffs and record-breaking unemployment. Chances are if your reading this blog this is one of your concerns as well. Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a switch to the Internet Technology (IT) field for months, maybe even years. Then seemingly out of nowhere, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck. Suddenly what seemed solid as far as employment is quite shaky. Many people are scrambling to make ends meet and plans for advancement, businesses, retirement, or even a lateral job move in many industries are halted indefinitely. According to the US Bureau of Labor situation report release last Friday May 8 for April, the total number of unemployed Americans rose to 23.1 million persons in April. The previous month (March) it was 7.2 million people. In 30 days 15.9 million people lost their job. This is the highest rate and largest over-the-month increase in the history of the series which began in January of 1948. So, at this point it makes sense to consider ways to “corona-proof” your income and livelihood. No one wants to suddenly find that their position is expendable or obsolete. One way to do this is to study Linux DevOps or AWS Cloud Architecture at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology. Positions in these field continue to be in high demand, and are even increasing as the corona virus continues its course. Here are 4 key points to consider: Point 1. – DevOps and Cloud Architecture are specialized fields. This makes you harder to replace in any economy. It is not easy for an organization to find another trained person; this increases your likelihood of keeping you job and advancing. Point 2 – Immigration is currently on a lockdown. On April 22, 2020 President Trump suspended visas to the United States of America for sixty days. This means more opportunities for citizens and those who have a green card to source positions. Point 3 – You can become ready to step into a six-figure salary (on average) in 7 months. The programs at Ziyo Tek are designed to take a non-technical person from novice to prepared for a position in 7 months. This includes certification, job preparation, technical interview skills, and job placement assistance. Point 4 – There is no health risk to becoming an IT professional. This is a career field where you are in demand and safe. Many positions are tele-commute more than 50% of the time. Steps that you can do now to protect yourself is to decide to set your mind on an IT career, begin to discuss how you can begin, and move forward today. Hesitation is your greatest enemy right now. As we all wait to see what the “new normal” will be post-corona virus, it is imperative to position yourself for success. Reach out to us here at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology to discuss your options and how this can become a reality for you. Take care and stay safe !