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The Feds Are Doing It, So Why Can't We?

On June 26, 2020 the President signed an executive order that radically changed federal policy regarding hiring criteria within the federal human resources system.

The order will revolutionize how the largest employer in America hires. The federal government of the United States is the nation’s biggest employer with 2.1 million workers. To put that in perspective Walmart employs 1.5 million people in the USA and Amazon employs around 798,000.

For decades, there has been a barrier to entry for federal service - a college degree.

The order signed by POTUS eliminates that hurdle. Now Americans can use work experience as proof they can perform the job and the marketplace of job candidates for Federal placements just tripled.

Many people are very attracted to a federal position. It is stable, secure, and has excellent retirement and benefits. However, prior to June 26th, if a person did not have a college diploma, they were immediately excluded from a real shot at a lucrative, federal career. Considering two-thirds of Americans do not hold this coveted degree, the largest employer in America was inaccessible to the majority of Americans.

With the signing of the executive order, the federal government is leading by example. This is a wonderful step! Now persons with a non-degree diploma, vocational training, certificates, and/or job experience in a field can now apply and hopefully be hired. This helps diversify the experience, job skills, age, and education levels of federal works. This may herald a new age for the “non-degreed” worker. By the Feds stepping it up and leading the way, big business is sure to follow.

This is huge for new professionals in all careers but especially IT. As many of you already know, a college degree in IT is outdated the moment it is received. The IT industry especially DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture, IoT, and all other branches related to connectivity via the Internet are moving incredibly fast. What is learned in one year has been updated sometimes 2-6 times by the same time the next year. So you can imagine how much has changed in the four/five years it takes someone to earn a university degree.

A college degree is definitely a good thing to have. I am not saying it isn’t. However,

For many Americans going to sit in a classroom for 4-5 years and amassing 50k+ in debt is not an option. There are many who have worked hard for several years in a field and learned the field, its changes and challenges, and have received accolades and praise for their work. These individuals now have a way to access a wonderful employer.

As a non-degree technical school, Ziyotek Institute of Technology provides certification diplomas for both DevOps Linux and AWS CLoud Architect. These prepare individuals to excel in the IT field and secure a position over 100K+ in about 7 months.

Don’t be left behind, now is the time to improve your skill set and secure your future. Contact us to discuss your personal situation and how we can help. Check out our website, call us at 202-221-8221, or reach out to us on social media.

Stay strong and stay safe!

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