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Corona Proof Your Income Starting Now

Here in the USA and worldwide people are concerned about protecting themselves and their families from job layoffs and record-breaking unemployment. Chances are if your reading this blog this is one of your concerns as well. Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a switch to the Internet Technology (IT) field for months, maybe even years.

Then seemingly out of nowhere, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck. Suddenly what seemed solid as far as employment is quite shaky. Many people are scrambling to make ends meet and plans for advancement, businesses, retirement, or even a lateral job move in many industries are halted indefinitely.

According to the US Bureau of Labor situation report release last Friday May 8 for April, the total number of unemployed Americans rose to 23.1 million persons in April. The previous month (March) it was 7.2 million people. In 30 days 15.9 million people lost their job. This is the highest rate and largest over-the-month increase in the history of the series which began in January of 1948.

So, at this point it makes sense to consider ways to “corona-proof” your income and livelihood. No one wants to suddenly find that their position is expendable or obsolete. One way to do this is to study Linux DevOps or AWS Cloud Architecture at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology. Positions in these field continue to be in high demand, and are even increasing as the corona virus continues its course.

Here are 4 key points to consider:

Point 1. – DevOps and Cloud Architecture are specialized fields. This makes you harder to replace in any economy. It is not easy for an organization to find another trained person; this increases your likelihood of keeping you job and advancing.

Point 2 – Immigration is currently on a lockdown. On April 22, 2020 President Trump suspended visas to the United States of America for sixty days. This means more opportunities for citizens and those who have a green card to source positions.

Point 3 – You can become ready to step into a six-figure salary (on average) in 7 months. The programs at Ziyo Tek are designed to take a non-technical person from novice to prepared for a position in 7 months. This includes certification, job preparation, technical interview skills, and job placement assistance.

Point 4 – There is no health risk to becoming an IT professional. This is a career field where you are in demand and safe. Many positions are tele-commute more than 50% of the time.

Steps that you can do now to protect yourself is to decide to set your mind on an IT career, begin to discuss how you can begin, and move forward today. Hesitation is your greatest enemy right now.

As we all wait to see what the “new normal” will be post-corona virus, it is imperative to position yourself for success. Reach out to us here at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology to discuss your options and how this can become a reality for you.

Take care and stay safe !

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