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Using Your Corona Cash

So there is no question this is a strange, unprecedented time in our history. We are still facing many challenges getting back to anything close to normal after COVID19. This week alone we know that hundreds of clinical trials worldwide are underway to find a vaccine. There are also dozens of clinical trials coming online from now into the late summer to test if any antiviral medications can help curb the harshest, life-threatening symptoms of the disease.

Admittedly, the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic will impact our lives in a major way for quite some time. The unemployment numbers are still at an all-time high; even as some states begin to slowly open up businesses and require 25% or less capacity to maintain public health social distancing guidelines.

More Americans than ever are receiving unemployment benefits because they cannot return to work. The coronavirus relief package, which is now law, broadens unemployment insurance for people without jobs during the pandemic. Note: Please check with your state unemployment office for state-specific information.

In most states, unemployment is scheduled for 26 weeks and then stops. Under the bill an additional 13 weeks were added and possibly an additional 13-20 weeks under an “extended benefit” program.

We are all aware of the one-time cash stimulus that also went out starting late April.

Although coronavirus has negatively impacted all of us, there is a way to make the best of the situation. This is a unique time in history. This crisis has taught the entire world a lesson about who we are as humans. Hopefully it has also high-lighted the fact that many of us need to “emergency-proof” our livelihood. Our old way of thinking and acting may be obsolete.

Now may seem like a horrible time to do this, but it actually depends on perspective and mind-set. For many, there is never a perfect time to make a change. There is, and will always be, reasons to wait, just as many as there are to move forward. Mindset determines direction.

Right now there is a subsidy coming to many from unemployment, it is an additional $600 per week in addition to the individual state unemployment amount. In many cases, this exceeds the income a person was making while fully employed. Essentially, there are 40 hours a week that are available to be used. The paycheck has been covered, but what about the time?

There are so many ways to use our time. Of course, social media is at an all-time high. However, what about long-term beneficial uses of time and some of the additional financial resources mandated by law? Workers in some of the hardest hit industries such as hospitality, travel, tourism, retail (non-essential), and food service have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to switch careers without juggling working full-time and pursuing learning.

Of course, there are bills to be paid. The coronavirus didn’t stop that. However, maybe it is time to turn this situation into an opportunity for growth and change. Maybe it is time to leverage some aspects of the slowing-down of our lifestyles to your advantage.

If you have thought about changing careers to IT, now is the time to take that leap of faith. There is an enormous push for Cloud, DevOps, and Linux based professionals and it is growing because of COVID-19.

Do not let this chance pass you by. Reach out to us here at ZiyoTek Institute of Technology, via email or schedule a time to talk to us at no charge. Let’s make a plan together. This is your time to leverage the two things that hold most people back: time and finances. We are here to help!

Stay strong and stay safe.

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